Mother’s Day in Ethiopia

By | May 2, 2021

Ethiopia is one such country in Africa, where Mother’s day is widely known with utmost zeal with a bid to celebrate the love that a Mother blends in her child’s life. it’s an exceedingly special celebration within the country. Unlike in many other countries where Mother’s day may be a celebration of one day, in Ethiopia it’s celebrated for during a time span of three days. The day is widely known on second Sunday of May same as is widely known in other many parts of the planet . today is devoted to honouring Mothers with gifts, presents and special treatment by loved ones, family and friends. While it had been celebrated within the country in 2017 on 14th of May, this year it’ll be celebrated on 13th of May.

In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day isn’t only each day of celebrating Motherhood but it also sets the tone for a replacement season, and that’s also a reason to celebrate the day. The three day feast celebrated during Mother’s Day is understood as “Antrosht”. People of Ethiopia celebrate by organizing massive meals with family and friends and by preparing the normal recipe of the country, “hash”. it’s quite interesting incontrovertible fact that for doing with the feast, children involve themselves in bringing recipe’s ingredients while the mothers relax and luxuriate in the feast. The task of bringing the ingredients is split among the women and therefore the boys. While the boys are responsible to bring lamb or bull, girls bring vegetables, butter, spices and cheese. Mother then prepares hash and therefore the whole family enjoys the cuddly taste of the recipe.

After the feast party has ben done there’s gigantic celebratory mood all around. As pr a ritual Mother-daughter rub each other’s face with butter. While, all the women of the family sing songs, the males dance on the tune of their songs. This whole cycle of celebration lasts for a complete of three days.

Here is one recipe which individuals usually choose during Mother’s Day celebration so as to lift the spirit of celebration.

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