National Fast Food Day 16 November

By | November 5, 2020

Fried Chicken, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Chips, Onion Rings, Hamburgers, oh my! fast food is both boon and bane to the busy people of the planet, and that we all have our favorites. Traditionally rich and greasy, nutriment tastes like pure bliss on your tongue, and may easily become addictive.


Whether you’re keen on rich cheese and bacon covered potato wedges, or a fast and healthier taco, nutriment Day is your excuse to enjoy all of your favorite treats.


National nutriment Day is an unofficial holiday that is observed annually on the 16th of November. The aim of this holiday is to celebrate quintessential American cuisine, the nutriment restaurant.


On November 16th food lovers get a dose of their favorite food on National fast food Day. Whether or not they use the drive-thru, dine-in, or catch on to travel, nutriment will grill up, fry up and broil up menu staples.


First popularized within the US within the 1950s, fast food is taken into account any meal with low preparation time and served to a customer during a packaged form. The meal makes for quick dine-in, take-out, or take-away. Most fast-food restaurants offer drive-thru service.

History of Fast Food Day

The first fast-food restaurant to open up within the US was White Castle. This company was founded by Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram in Wichita, Kansas in 1921. This restaurant was considered as before its time for several reasons.

One, they sold hamburgers for a nickel each. Two, this restaurant allowed customers to ascertain how their food was being prepared, and three, the food was served quickly and efficiently.

These three factors made the corporate very successful and a number of other competitors attempt to copy their model. Evidently, 1921 was a crucial year for nutriment, because this is often also the year that the drive-in was invented. However, it wasn’t invented by White Castle.

It had been instead invented by the Pig substitute Dallas, Texas. And it had been started, consistent with the owners, because “people with cars are lazy, and that they don’t want to urge out of them.” Truer words than that haven’t been spoken. The next big innovation to hit the fast food industry was the introduction of the production line.


While cars had been using assembling lines for years before the invention of the nutriment industry, it wasn’t until the McDonald’s brother revamped their San Bernardino, California drive-in in 1948 that the assembling line met the fast-food hamburger.


And McDonald’s was specialized at running at top efficiency. At one point in time, they might churn out a hamburger, an order of fries, and a shake in under 20 seconds. Now, that’s fast. While McDonald’s targeted maximum efficiency, Burger King came up with a special approach once they opened in 1953.


Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Have opened the restaurant in Miami, Florida that year, and that they decided to cater to picky eaters. In order that they came up with the “Have it your way” way of operating the business.


And that they are still operating in this manner to the present very day. Over the years, a spread of various nutriment restaurants opened within the U.S. a number of the more popular ones today include McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, White Castle, Pizza Hut, KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, Dominos, Jack within the Box, Arby’s, Hardees, Church’s and Steak N’ Shake.

The Way to Celebrate Fast Food Day

The start with you’ll celebrate fast food Day by dedicating every meal to a special sort of fast food. Stop during a McDonald’s for a breakfast burrito, fried tater discs, and fruit juice, then stop in at Burger King for a Whopper with Onion Rings and a Strawberry Shake! Then to round it all off, find the closest KFC and round it all up with an enormous ol’ basket of chicken, because that’s how briskly Food Day rolls!


To add a little bit of variety to your experience, ask about the ‘secret menu’ most nutriment restaurants have. These aren’t really secret, such a lot as an inventory of discontinued items that are still ready to be made with the ingredients from the traditional menu.


Jack within the Box, as an example, features a Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger made with Bacon Bits, Bacon Strips, Two Patties, and cheese that’s just to die for (or from?).


Don’t let fast food Day pass without drowning yourself within the indulgence that’s the rich and delicious foods from your favorite take-out place!


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