Persona 5 Valentine’s Day Romance

By | January 14, 2021

Dating on Persona 5 is easy to accomplish. The protagonist can date any female Confidants other than Sae Niijima. On the day you rate your Confidant level up to nine for any romance options, you will get the choice whether to date or not. This is clearly stated when your character says, “I have to choose my answer carefully.” Do not accept or reject their love.

Being in a relationship doesn’t change much. In addition to the special scene when you reach level 10, you can invite them on dates or in your room to spend time together. Besides, you will find a special place with them on Valentine’s Day.


Choosing to date multiple girls at the same time will actually get you a bonus spot at the end of Persona 5. On Valentine’s Day, your girlfriend (or girlfriends) will invite you to spend time with them. Sharing with one of them will get you a special SP chocolate.

If you date a lot of girls, there will be a bonus session on February 15, when your ladies catch you cheating on them. They will blow the living lights out of you, and Sojiro will give you a bonus chocolate to make you feel better. It’s a funny scene but you will end up feeling like you are bored in real life. If that is going to save your conscience, think twice before committing and have a dramatized Valentine’s day with your special friend.

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