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By | April 24, 2021

Are You Looking for Plumber Torch?

Are you a plumber that wants to install pipes more quickly? Then, you are going to want to read my smart review on the best Blow Torch for Plumbers and Gas Engineers review before making your purchase. We don’t all have money to waste on products that don’t work, but also don’t want to compromise the quality of our work. With that in mind, I always put any product I’m looking at through a few tests before making my final opinion on it.
Which blow torch for plumbers you decide to buy actually boils down to one in two.

  1. You want the best blow torch for yourself and are willing to pay for it
  2. You can choose to save a few bucks and just go with an affordable torch /flashlight.

We will not be disappointed with the review of 20, 10, or even 5 flashlights. Instead, we wrote down the details of the progress of each plumber blow torch, based on the above.

Amazing Plumber Torch to Buy

Based on our in-depth research we have discovered that these are the top plumbers hitting torches in the plumbing market globally.

1.Rothenberger Superfire 2 Gas Blow Plumber Torch

Our Choice: The Best

If you are new to the plumbing / gas industry, you will soon hear Rotherberger’s name appear VERY, almost every time you search for plumbing tools.

They are known as one of the high-end markers in the plumbing tool space. So, they produce good things, but he will surely pay you back.

Rothenberger is a Torch Only

First of all, when you compare this (especially the smart price) with plumbing light kits, Rothenberger simply comes as a “torch only” deal.

So, it’s not a complete kit, and that means buying some pieces (like gas) separately (yes, a lot of money).

Disadvantage No: 1 Temperature Concentration of Blow Torch

The problem or disadvantage of Plumber blow torch with cheap plumbing torches, heat concentrations can be:

  • It’s not focused at all
  • Medium

Also, that will make the soldering painful inside-back.

The Rothenbergers used the foundation of the real Super Fire, and did their best, to come up with Super Fire 2.

That means higher levels of heat dissipation, and that makes your soldering operation not only easier, but more importantly, more flexible as well.

Disadvantage No 2: Angled Soldering

Another bug or disadvantage of cheap blow torches…

Looking for angles and looking down? There is no chance.

The gas supply in the Super Fire 2 store is inconsistent, so bending down or at angles is perfect.


You will get a quick pie Piezo ignition. That is not only reliable but also powerful.

So, you will spend time with soldering, and a little time clicking away, wondering if you have run out of fuel.

Also, when it burns, there is an anti-flare and adjustable flame built-in.

Gas Type of Plumber Torch

You will be able to use Super Fire 2 with:

  1. Propane

Also, there is also the option to hold additional adapters.

Strength of Torch

The burnt tube is made of stainless steel with a heavy load and accepts a range of gas cylinders. Stainless steel touches enough to prevent any kind of gas leakage when reduced, so it is much safer than cheap untold soldering torches on the market.

The jet is filtered, and that means you won’t end up with a gas flow problem.

Usage of Plumber Torch

Naturally, the Super Fire 2 flashlight is designed specifically for plumbers and heat engineers and gasoline engineers. But it is also suitable for air conditioning workers and refrigerators.

Weight of Plumber Blow Torch

Like all other blowtorches in Rothenberger, the Super Fire 2 is not just strong. When you’re hot all day, the last thing you want is a heavy torch for fun.
And not at all here. The Super Fire 2 weighs is 12.0 ounces.

Online Feedbacks of Plumber Blow Torch

I regularly check online reviews of the product I plan to purchase, especially if I have never used it before.

The best thing about Rothenberger’s soldering torch? Got a whole ton of reviews.
And these updates cover items that fill you with enough confidence to purchase. Especially when there are a few small flashlights that you have been thinking about buying.

In fact, sometimes it brings out the best in you. Numerous reviews in e-commerce stores suggest that this is the best lamp for those who do not sell the size of copper pipes (i.e. 15mm, 22mm, and 28mm).

And in order to be able to sell well 8mm one day and 54mm the next, you will need a very sensitive flame… which is exactly what Super Fire 2 has.

Price of Plumber Blow Torch

Nothing from Rothenberger is “cheap”. However, that is not their focus on any product they offer. Their products are about DISABILITY and stand trial.
And that means value for money with Superfire 2.

There are many nameless products that offer the same (but definitely not the same) 20-30% less.

Our vision? Don’t worry, the few quid you save will go back 10x more, according to the soldering job you can achieve with flame correction in Super Fire 2.

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