Rick Ross Weight Loss

Rick Ross Weight Loss Journey and Transformation

rick ross weight loss

Rick Ross Weight Loss

The Aston Martin Music hitmaker Rick Ross’s weight reduction adventure started out after struggling a chain of seizures and now way to an awesome food plan and masses of workout he’s in actually properly health. In this article, we check what brought about Rick Ross’s weight reduction.

All Things Rick Ross Did For Weight Loss

Rick Ross Weight Loss History


In a 2010 interview, Rick Ross spoke approximately hurtful feedback that have been thrown at him withinside the past. “I became usually the fats black dude with the reasonably-priced footwear on, I’ve usually had thick skin” he informed DR Jays. But he additionally stated that he didn’t care: he ought to take a funny story and he ought to supply a funny story.


After struggling with seizures in much less than 24 hours in 2011, Rick the “Bawse” Ross observed himself sitting withinside the ready room of a totally steeply-priced physician’s office. “I became the handiest black dude, and the relaxation had been 55- to 80-year-vintage white men sitting withinside the room. He stated: “It became all silence and all of us became sort of simply searching at every other, like, ‘What the f*ck he right here for?’”

Rick Ross observed an aged Caucasian male after the aged Caucasian male had been being known as through the nurse. Finally, whilst it became his turn, the physician broke it down for him.

“He told me I didn’t have high blood pressure but I was hypertensive, which is a phase under having high blood pressure. And that’s when I said right then, ‘Yo, what’s my biggest enemy?’”

After the health practitioner checked his chart he said:“Right now, for you, primarily based totally on the entirety you wrote down: sodas. Soda wasn’t the simplest component on that chart, however, it become the place to begin that Ross remembers.
The Aston Martin Music hitmaker Rick Ross’s weight reduction adventure started out after struggling with a chain of seizures and now way to an awesome food plan and masses of workouts he’s in actually properly healthy. In this article, we check what brought about Rick Ross’s weight reduction.


By 2014, the then 43-year-vintage rapper who as soon as tipped the size at 350 kilos, dropped right all the way down to proper round two hundred kilos. Rick Ross’s weight reduction adventure started out in 2011and he has been capable of preserve the kilos off years later.

Rick Ross spoke approximately his healthy diet weight-reduction plan and recurring withinside the 2014 trouble of Men’s Health mag revealing that he’s now no longer simplest lighter in weight, he feels suitable approximately life. “I’m happy,” Ross advised the mag. “I’m nevertheless dropping weight, and now I’m beginning to construct difficult muscle in places.”

If you’re questioning how he pulled it off, Rick Ross selected a slower, long-time plan for weight reduction. Instead of leaping on a fad weight loss program or taking a cleanse, he selected to take any other route.

By running out with friends, and developing a private model of Cross Fit or the “Ross Fit”, helped the entertainer get 4 days of workout in a week. He additionally labored with a private chef and doesn’t deprive himself of responsible pleasures.


Rapper Rick Ross credit his frame transformation with the artwork of  “balance.”

“It’s all about the balance to me,” Ross told ABC News. “I wanted to balance myself but still enjoy the things I love so if I lost weight one year, the next year it wouldn’t be right back on me.”

“I’m almost at two-and-a-half years doing this RossFit [a CrossFit training program that Ross has jokingly coined RossFit],” the entertainer said. “And that comes from that balance of still being able to enjoy Wingstop with a couple of wings when I want to, but still four days out of the week, I still go put in 45 minutes at the gym. And that balance is what got me where I’m at and I’m happy and I feel good.”

He went on to say: “You know, I try to throw in healthy snacks in between the meals. That was really my trick, and slowing down the heavy meals as it got later in the day. So, during the day I get up early. 2 o’clock, I feel I could do what I want, eat what I want. But as it gets 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, I’m really shutting down for the day. Maybe at 9 or 10, I will eat a salad versus 2 in the morning being in the studio eating steaks, prime rib and everything else. And that’s what I had to change.”

As you could see in 2016, Rick Ross turned into all approximately component control. He turned into allowed to take pleasure in eateries like Wingstop and Checkers one or two times a week, and among the hours of midday and five p.m.

“If I quit all the things I loved cold turkey, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways,” he explained.


In 2018 Rick, Ross published pictures on Instagram of his dramatic weight reduction.

Following his dramatic hospitalization in March 2018, the rapper shared a picture graph of his highly smaller discern on Instagram. The entertainer who turned into reportedly on life-support shed a big quantity of weight.


Rapper Rick Ross celebrated after dropping a hundred kilos (45.three kilograms) in his fitness battle. In 2019 at the U.S. breakfast display Good Morning America, Ross said:  “(I turned into) simply that specialize in my eating, simply being greater disciplined, running out 3 or 4 instances a week.”

Rick Ross defined that his remaining life-threatening seizure 18 months in the past made him “step at the gas” together along with his new memoir, adding, “This turned into not anything that turned into ever simply on my bucket listing however after waking up (withinside the hospital)… My mother, my family, my quality buddies, we simply reminisced on how some distance we got here… the entirety we’ve accomplished.”

Rick Ross Weight Loss Reasons

Sleeping for three hours a night, belting 24-oz. steaks at four AM, and weighing 350 kilos turned into a terrible concoction of sports for Rick Ross. In 2011, the rapper had TWO seizures inside 24 hours that required his non-public jet to make emergency landings each instances. This went directly to pressure Rick Ross to reevaluate the entirety.

The form of seizures Ross had takes place whilst everyday mind interest is interrupted and involuntary muscle spasms are common, maybe due to alcohol. Drinking it is able to motive seizures in a number of special ways; binge drinking, alcohol withdrawals, and detrimental reactions to drinking substances can all positioned you at accelerated danger for a seizure.

After his health practitioner advised and endorsed Ross to alternate his food regimen and exercise, Ross stored his life, dropping seventy-five lbs. “I’m happy,” Ross advised Men’s Health in its September issue, on newsstands now. “I’m nevertheless dropping weight, and now I’m beginning to construct tough muscle in places.”

The key to Ross’ weight reduction turned into taking matters slow, instead of attempting brief fixes that wouldn’t stick. “If I end-all of the matters I cherished bloodless turkey, I knew it’d handiest be goodbye earlier than I went lower back to my vintage ways,” he says. Instead, Ross allowed himself to have the fast-meals from Checkers and Wingstop that he usually cherished, however handiest among midday and five PM, and handiest or 3 days a week.

For the majority of his meals, Ross labored with a chef to give you wholesome recipes that he might need to eat. He additionally commenced running out with a set of buddies for motivation, and got here up together along with his model of CrossFit, which he calls “RossFit.”

rick ross weight loss journey

rick ross weight loss journey

Four days a week, Ross is going for a warm-up jog, after which units up 5 workout stations with actions like deadlifts and push-ups, operating thru them for 30 minutes. To resource with weight loss, Rick Ross additionally located that traditional powerlifting lifts just like the deadlift ends in converting your frame fast

The rapper shared that locating workout routines and meals that he could revel in become the key.

My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is not to make it feel like a job,” he say

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