Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade

By | March 1, 2021

Savannah took part in the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States after New York. Savannah and foreigners from every part of the United States will also be spectators of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The first public procession was held in 1824. James Hunter, president of the local Hibernian Society, collectively invited all the local Irish people to march through the streets of Savannah and a parade was born. The first Grand Marshal, John Fehley of the Hibernian Society, was elected in 1870. This is also the first year that Procession has joined the ranks, which has created a model for our modern parade.

Privately celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in 1813, the Hebernian Society of Savannah now draws a three- to four-hour parade for 400,000 visitors worldwide. But the fun is not limited to just one parade – Savannah also hosts the largest St. Patrick’s Day party in the South on most days. You’ll want to get an early start in Savannah as construction begins a few days before the festivities begin.

Savannah took part in the second largest St. Patrick's Day parade

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah is a day full of Irish heritage, music, entertainment and greenery. Marching groups, dancers and people from an elaborate table come to this city from the southeast to take part in the parade. Locals and visitors alike look forward to the parade throughout the year – this is one of Savannah’s most famous events!

Savannah is famous for celebrations these days. Hotels are pre-booked; people camp in squares for the main view and the city is on par with tourists and locals alike. In Savannah on March 17th, all the spectators and visitors from abroad are extremely interested in Savannah St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade Way

Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade Way

Although the parade begins at 10:15 a.m., the road becomes close at 6:30 p.m. Examine road closures before departure so you can re-plan your travel plans and march on time. . Stop by the Visitor Information Center to capture the map and easily navigate the historic district. Once the parade starts, no one can stop and you do not want to miss any magical moments.

Best parking in Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day Parade

To carry road closures, people and chairs and coolers, it is advisable to plan a parking game. If you are marching with a group of people, carpool as much as possible. For just $ 20, you can park at the Savannah Convention Center and take a free ferry ride to River Street. No car? No problem! If you are coming from outside the historic district or airport, board the city’s official shuttle bus.

What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day?

What to wear on St. Patrick's Day

Veterans of many St. Patrick’s Day parades are painted in crazy costumes, bright wigs and face and body colors. Clothing can be fun to participate in, but if you’re a first-timer, we suggest making weather-friendly clothes relaxed. Wear shoes for the walk and bring sunglasses or hats. Most importantly, do not forget to wear green!

Budget and stylish stay in Savannah

Budget and stylish stay in Savannah

Savannah has options to cater to every budget and style, from historic inns to modern boutique hotels. Enjoy some southern hospitality at the award-winning B&B Two Blocks Gastonian from Forsyth Park or River Street Inn, a historic hotel that offers views of the Savon River.

Things you must bring for the Savannah St. Patrick’s Day Parade

 The largest parade in Southeast St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah lasts about four hours. Be sure to bring plenty of chair, water and delicious snacks to keep you and your team satisfied throughout the day, in order to get the full fledge maza of the parade.

Public rest map for Savannah can help find the public toilet in last minute

 Nature calls – we are only human! Look at the official map of the Public Toilet City so that you can avoid the hassle of last minute toilet search and remember that there are open lounge rooms in the visitor information centers around the city.

Don’t forget to reserve your Bleacher seat

Reserve your Bleaker seats for a parade with Kelly Tours! As seating is available along Bay Street, Colonial Cemetery and St. John the Baptist Cathedral, these spectators will get the best seats for the parade (without removing their own chairs). Bleacher seats are $ 30 per person. For their VIP party experience, parade goers enjoy Bleaker seating, buffet breakfast, lunch buffet, toilet and unlimited green punch at 9 159 per person. Reserve your seats today!

St. Patrick’s Day parade is not the single fun and celebration in Savannah

In Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day is like a season! There are a lot of holidays in the days and weeks leading up to the parade. On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah you should prepare a list of all the fun celebrations.


Once you have covered all your bases, have some fun. Grab some green beads, dance to the bump and bagpipe and make your camera one of the most lovely, exciting, and greenest days of your life.

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