By | April 21, 2020

Population is currently under debate in Australia, with major cities increasing in number of residents, interstate traffic to work, crowded buses and trains, and schools and hospitals.

Australian governments are desperately trying to keep up with the growing population, playing an endless game of “catch-up” to meet the snowballing demand for public infrastructure. The challenge is how different levels of government, bureaucracy and industry can plan for these changes that will improve the average standard of living and boost economic growth for the Australian population.

The Sydney Morning Herald Population Summit is a major venue, where Sydney plans to discuss how key decision makers and thought leaders from government, transportation, property, planning, banking, finance, architecture, economics and law can successfully negotiate yogurt.


  • Have a coordinated demographic approach
  • Crowd Cost and Crowd Buster
  • Population and Immigration
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Urban density and anonymous outbreaks should be avoided
  • The infrastructure dollar will grow even more
  • Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis
  • Towards a polycentric city
  • Fast Rail and Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong Mega Area
  • Lessons from some other fast-growing international cities
  • Jobs, innovations and tomorrow’s office
  • Congestion and road user charging
  • Sydney v Melbourne – Australia’s heavyweight title bout

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