South Park Halloween Episodes

By | October 10, 2020

Here are the best South Park Halloween episodes, including new episodes of the latest season. Are you looking for a place to dress up as Cartman and the boys Avengers in “A Nightmare on Face Time” or also like this list of episodes when Ike was intoxicated with Michael Jackson on South Park’s Halloween “Dead Celebrities”. Lovers’ favorites like “Pinky,” “Spooky Fish” and “Sons a Witch”. What is your most famous Halloween episode from South Park?

1, a nightmare in face time.
The boys dress up as Avengers and have to go to the trick-and-treating, but Stan doesn’t come with the purchase of the blockbuster video concern spot in Randy South Park and surely everyone is ready to help the Halloween lease rush.

2, Pinky.

The Worcestershire Sauce Bottle is then stored in a body next to Living Dead South Park; Tina Yarta decides the costume contest.

3, Carney’s Groove Pirate Ghost Mystery Story.
Rock band Corn visited South Park during Halloween to unravel the mysterious story of the pirate ghosts.

4, Hell on Earth 2006.
The Devil returns to Earth in Los Angeles to throw a hololine opportunity only to chubby members, and the boys continue to add to the ghost of Biggy Smalls – meaning he’s going to miss this opportunity.

5, Spooky Fish.
Stan thinks his new pet fish is a ghost after killing two people in his bedroom. Also, the parallel-cosmic version in South-Park is Courtman’s sham, and everyone loves him more than the real Courtman.

6, Sons A Witches.
Halloween meets annually, with a witch creating a spell called TerrySeveryPerson.

7, dead celebrities.
While Ike is being chased by dead celebrities, Kyle and the boys hire ghost hunters to investigate the Brooflowski house for extra activity.

8, scooter.
This year, the revolution in quality is changing Halloween for everyone. Confusion spread before they all came out to get more sweets than ever before. Mr. McKay and the rest of the mature people are hiding emergency supplies and hoping to endure until the morning.

9, Marjorine.
Butters fake his untimely death and he disguises himself as a girl so that he can fall asleep and steal the fortune telling device from the girls. Meanwhile, Buttar’s father turns to Fakir to bring his son back.

10, Goth Kids 3: Posur Dawn.
After one of their members, Henrietta, returns from a camp, Goth’s children become upset and warn her to retrieve the emo called Goth. But there is more going on than meets the eye.

11, infection.
With Craig’s help, the boys started a Peruvian pan floating band to make money. However, they have been defined by the Homeland Security Department and sent to Peru to end the “pandemic”. In the presence of a pan flute band, giant guinea pigs infiltrated South Park.

12, Tegridi Farm Halloween Special.
Randy’s relationship with the Chinese government is linked to the issue of Halloween and Horn solving his daughter Shelley’s marijuana crisis. Butters comes as an unexpected surprise when he goes to proof the Egyptian artwork in the Denver Museum.

13, Pandemic 2 – Shocking.
Craig and the boys are trapped in the Andes Mountains. The giant planet Guinea pigs have wreaked havoc on the entire planet. Craig is the only human being who can end terrorism, but he doesn’t care about it or do anything about it.

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