Spring Equinox Celebration

By | March 6, 2021

14 Ways of making Spring Equinox Celebration

This balancing action of the 12-hour day and 12-hour night is at the equinox (similar night in Latin, in fact fans) and at 16.15 the spring or vertical equinox when the sun crosses the celestial equator and is perpendicular to the Earth’s axis. Beams. But this special day is not just a celestial event, it also marks the spring of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and we can wait for the day and nights to be short and who doesn’t want us after winter? Our ancestors celebrated such sacred days and you can see the landmarks of these ancient religious rituals and how they change the climate today.

Many cultures and religions have a tradition of celebrating the spring equinox, but what happens during the spring equinox in Britain?

1 Get Reborn

A large part of the rebirth spring – the many legends and beliefs that the sun or king rises at this time – and when the flowers begin to bloom and the birth of loving children can be seen all over the earth at this time. Sowing the seeds at this time is traditional, as their growth signifies victory over death or rebirth. Isn’t it time to change the way you think about all winter?

get reborn spring equinox celebration

2 Eggs

We all know that the chocolate type is ready and awaits our imminent Easter blow, but the powerful symbol of the egg has been part of the spring festival for millennia. Druids bury them in the fields to invite abundance into the ground. Today, egg balancing is still considered a seasonal activity and in fact, what you break is not prepared for Easter.

design eggs according to the spring equinox

3 Drink more?

It is traditional among those who celebrate the change of seasons to drink dandelion and burdock. Considered a tonic that energizes bitter herbs to awaken the body after winter hard work and blood cleansing actions. Why not take a draft on March 20 and see how you feel?

4 Spring clean

Do not clean your blood, clean your house too. This is the perfect time to wipe the dust off the dark days and light up your home. Nature Reconstruction has inspired everyone to renovate even inside the home. Yes, Spring Cleaning – the name has a clue.

spring clean equinox celebration

5 Buy a bouquet of flowers

I received a bouquet of fresh flowers last week and was so happy to be in my apartment! It is reminiscent of spring and an explosion of color to bring out the winter blues.

Buy a bouquet of flowers in spring

6 Wear bright colors and delightful prints

In winter I have to wear a lot of blacks, grays and blues. Embrace spring with your heart and print yourself bright and happy!

7 Go for a bike ride

Bike riding is really the best way to capture the essence of spring. The air in your hair, the sun on your face and the flowers in your basket!

8 Watching the sunrise

If you really want to start the spring start on the right foot మే Wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise! I was able to get out of bed at any time to see how valuable it was to watch the sunrise, not just in the morning … it really moved a lot. Look at the light in the sky, find a place to relax and go inside.

9 Meditate

Sit and meditate for a while during the day. Focus on your breath and feel the energy of your body. Release the pain or anxiety of winter and embrace spring as a new beginning. If possible, do so at sunrise!

10 Some Wild Flower Plants


a flower says nothing! I put some wild flowers in this pot left over from my egg crate garden and it was great to see them growing so fast! I can’t wait until they bloom. Plant some plants in your garden or small pot and keep them away from your desk to brighten up your work space.

11 Even better, fill your whole house with green paint.

When you work on it, why not fill your whole house with fresh spring celery? This is a good and great way to bring spring into your home. Do a little show using different plants, pots, and vases and open your windows and let the sun and air flow freely!

12 And what about these bunnies?

Among fertile symbols such as seeds, flowers, eggs, and babies, the rabbit is synonymous with spring and especially Easter. So this is a good time to see Peter Rabbit. Traditionally seen as very strange animals (like rabbits to anyone? ‘) The idea that rabbits and rabbits lay eggs a day probably came from 16th century Germany, but revival. The idea of ​​the mark egg is clearly too old.

what about these bunnies in spring

13 Celebration in Stonehenge

The spring equinox is one of only four occasions during the year that Heisen has ‘open access’ to the original stones (four points of the pagan calendar, two equinoxes, and two equinoxes) under the Religious Freedom Act of the pagan and druid groups of worshipers. Consider the site of ancient stones. The festival begins with the first light when the sun rises on the rocks and the morning is filled with music, dance, and rituals.

14 Go out

Hug your inner child – go outside and blossom into the grass. Dance around barefoot and feel the weight of winter with your shoulders.

go out for celebrate spring

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