Spring Equinox Rituals

By | March 5, 2021

The spring, or vernal equinox, March Spring occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20 (2021) this year. The equinox represents the same length of day and night around the world, marking the end of winter. Trees and plants begin new cycles of development. Butterflies emerge. Birds remember their songs. Instead of cardigans and bright colors people leave scarves and winter coats at home.

The beginning of spring evokes the desire for renewal and new beginnings. Consider a greeting spring with some rituals to welcome change, development, revival and renewal for yourself. Rituals – the symbolic behaviors you perform before, during and after a meaningful event – can help identify a new beginning or a new direction.

Despite the extraordinary range of different traditions, there are customs in all cultures and traditions of the world. Rituals affect feelings, thoughts and behaviors consciously and effectively. They are often used to mark the passage of time or to remember the end or beginning.

Consider trying the following rituals to welcome spring at or near the equinox:

108 Practicing traditional 108 sun salutations

It is a tradition to proceed through 108 sun salutations to mark the change of Asons towels. Although the origins of 108 are somewhat mysterious, this number has significance in many spiritual traditions. The number and ritual of Surya Namaskar is auspicious for most yogis. Movement through the sun salutation, whatever variation you like, you will once again take noticeable quality as it flows through the same movements.

108 Practicing traditional 108 sun salutations Spring Equinox Rituals

It is suitable for most sun salutations even if you practice asana regularly. The number that resonates best with you this year is:

  • How old are you?
  • Date?
  • Which number are you lucky with?

Or give up materialism and enjoy a similar meditative ritual. Wreaths and necklaces used for decoration, necklaces often contain 108 pearls. The alternative to going through the asanas is to repeat the positive mantra as you wrap your fingers around each bead. This is a good ritual to accept any major life event or when you need a personal reset.

Practice Tips:

  • Decide whether you want to practice solo or with a support group.
  • Schedule an hour and a half to two hours to practice.
  • Use something solid to track the salutation: pebbles, shells or pearls.
  • Modify posture to avoid injury in the form of fat in your body.
  • Rest on a pre-determined number.
  • Put on some catchy tunes.

Sow some seeds

You grow: If you plant apple seeds, do not expect oranges to come. The same goes for intentions and mentality: If you are always planting negative seeds like “I probably won’t get the job done” or “I don’t have enough”, how can you expect positivity and abundance? Your life? You can see it blooming. You can use plants as a physical reminder for your trip.

Sow some seeds Spring Equinox Rituals 2021

Watch your climate and temperature rise, and do some gardening. Consider the location you have (there will be a kitchen window!), and plan your plants accordingly:

  • Beautiful flower.
  • Cooking herbs.
  • Edible vegetables.
  • A tree that you have cherished for years.

Practice Tips:

  • Find out what the weather is like in your area.
  • Whenever possible, buy locally grown organic seeds.
  • Allow your plants to make a creative effort: decorate the pot with paint, place your seeds in the design and make the seedlings in a favorable condition when first shown.
  • Invite the child to join in the cultivation of spring plants and learn about the wonders of the earth together.

Cleansing your own

Spring cleaning does not have to be limited to your home (although it can be used in deep chaos). As you head towards spring, take a look at what areas of your life can be used in the old fashioned way, and then dig deeper.

Cleansing your own Spring Equinox Rituals 2021

  • Clean your car (inside and out).
  • Create a food challenge for anything you are interested in: Try to be vegetarian during the week or try to eat one apple a day.
  • Try to refine all processed foods for a complete wardrobe ensemble.
  • Toss the toilets with all the carcinogens in your bathroom.

Practice Tips:

  • Guide your intuition: What do you really need to release?
  • Do not lead old habits to new ones: it is not a pure change, it is a refreshing one.
  • Get creative. Donate old birthday cards, deep clean cat boxes or old books to the library when remodeling your room to boost your mood.

Going to the Hills

As the sun comes out and the daylight returns, take some time to get out. Research shows that when you are away from nature, you suffer, but time spent in nature can reduce depression and help with all sorts of treatments. A single dose of “Vitamin N” (for nature) can boost your mood, boost community bonds and boost your spirits.

Going to the Hills Spring Equinox Rituals 2021

  • Find a hiking trail near you.
  • Explore some local wildflower bloom locations.
  • Go too far home.
  • Look closely for a change of Asons towels.

Even if you live in a cold, icy place, it may seem that spring may not come, but there may be some minor changes: snowmelt and small cheeks. If you live in a warm climate, notice subtle changes in the air and the smell of the air at night. Keep your mind and see what you notice.

Practice Tips:

Create a ritual to go to the same place every day or every week to give good notice about the spring awakening.

Guidance Creativity: Outside time looks different to everyone.

Set some intentions

Choose what metaphorical seeds you are planting this season, and how you will water them (see previous section: Plant some seeds). What values ​​do you want to coordinate yourself with? What desires are you following? The information setting is not just for the new years. Consider drawing a certificate from a tarot card, creating a vision board, or thinking about your latest goals to convey your intentions.

Set some intentions Spring Equinox Rituals 2021

Practice Tips:

  • Light a candle or set up an altar to create a sacred space.
  • Choose one to three positive intentions to really focus your attention.
  • Tell someone about your belief that will help you be held accountable.

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