St. Patrick’s Day Activities

By | February 27, 2021

St. Patrick is a celebration day. Pumpkins, green beer, and green treats are a common tradition associated with this holiday. However, St Patrick’s Day is actually a religious holiday.

Patrick came from a believing family. Both his father and grandfather were deacons. Born in the fourth century, he was captured by invaders at the age of sixteen and taken as a slave. He received a divine message to flee. He did and went to Britain and eventually returned to Ireland. He used the Shamrock context to teach the trinity of the Christian church.

St. Patrick is a religious holiday. However, it is also an opportunity to explore the culture of another culture. It’s a great opportunity for food, art, and celebration in the classroom. It also provides an opportunity for learning and can serve as a basis for writing, history, and even mathematics and science.

Teacher Planet has all the resources you need to celebrate Patrick Day in style and teach elementary and middle school children about the culture, history, and traditions of Irish culture. Enjoy lesson plans, art, worksheets, activities, clip art, and a wealth of teaching resources.

St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Family

St. Find friendly games, activities, and ways to spend March 17 with your loved ones – Irish or not.

  • Play St. Mary’s Day Games Paddy

If you think your kids haven’t made a traditional Irish football or rugby game, try some of these games to honor St. Play a hot potato game or think “potato hunt” (think: Easter egg hunt but with small potatoes) or the “Pot o ‘Gold” treasure hunt (search for home-made chocolate or “gold” coins). Or, try this simple green candy guessing game.

  • Go to Parade

Check the list of local events with the Patrick Day show in your area Wear your green clothes, and get ready to watch some cool coupons, Irish stage dancers, and fire engines. This coloring page will delight kids with this event!

  • Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Shop for green construction paper and art supplies, and make your own art with your small leprechauns. These 10 Patrick’s Day artists are adorable and make great party decorations or gifts for Irish grandparents.

  • Research Your Family History

As the saying goes, everyone is Irish in the day of St. But how many Americans are actually Irish? According to the U.S. Census, about 34.5 million Americans, or about 11 percent of the population, claim Irish heritage. Whether your family can trace roots to Emerald Isle or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to find out the origin of your name and the function of your family tree.

  • Eat Irish cuisine and raw treats

The famous Celtic cuisine includes potato dishes, baking soda, meat stew and dinner pies. So there are plenty of options beyond the beef and non-child-friendly cabbage in your St. Louis team menu. Or just dye one of your favorite treats, like cakes and milk cakes, with the color of raw food.

  • Read the History of this Day

Finally, check out the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day and check out your family on some of Ireland’s best. You know why shamrock is a mark of St. Mary’s Day. Paddy’s? (This print on holiday history can help!)

St. Patrick's Day Activities history

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Classroom

St. Patrick is a holiday celebrating the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This March 17th, why not include Irish luck in your class? If you are looking for math, science, history, art, or English, consider some of these activities for St. Patrick, games, art, and lessons for your students. These are some activities for classroom:

  1. Make a corner bookmark for the leprechaun.
  2. Make music with rainbow filters.
  3. Send your students to the nest hunt.
  4. Create acrostic poems based on Irish history.
  5. Perform a green slime test.
  6. Study the flow of water molecules by examining the rainbow ring.
  7. Make a rainbow in your classroom – no rain is needed.
  8. Count your coins with a penny float experiment.
  9. Spin the Irish threads with these news headlines.
  10. Consider carefully how to catch a leprechaun.
  11. Shade shamrock to practice synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.
  12. Be green by turning old jars of milk into planters.
  13. Count your gold in worksheet works.
  14. Make a bar graph of Lucky Charms.
  15. See good luck by hunting for four leaves.
  16. Work your pieces of poetry by writing limericks.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Classroom

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Office

Every year Irish luck spreads far and wide to celebrate St. Patrick, and after a long winter, people are ready for a little fun. Don’t miss out on all the fun and excitement at leprechauns and school class parties – bring the fun right to the office! Here are nine ways to have fun in the office on St. Louis.

  • Start the day with green smoothies

Green smoothies are used not only for the holidays, but a healthy and fun way to start the day vigorously. Try one of these recipes.

  • Mix some songs to get in the air

Find Irish playlists to celebrate the day, or create your own! For inspiration, start with this playlist full of St. Patrick, this playlist with old Irish music, or this playlist full of Celtic and Irish values.

  • Get as bad as a leprechaun

Take the baby inside and enjoy the draw (which accompanies the office), leave gold coins around, and use a green pen all day.

  • Dress the office

Hang rainbow paper chains and dollar store drawings around cubicles and offices to set the mood. Green and gold balloons? Please.

  • Wear green

(Like an old Irish ballad, but I’m happy!) Invite everyone in the office to wear green and hold a well-dressed contest with the most smart or festive attire.

  • Spread luck

Let your colleagues know that you feel “lucky” to have them by leaving a note with the theme of the day of St. You can also bring management to other departmental offices or other companies in your area (you should get that good PR, right?)

  • Bring ALL the sugar

Everyone loves to manage, right? A simple, inexpensive way to celebrate St. Patrick circles around the office to bring other top drinks, such as skirts (taste the rainbow!), Gold chocolate coins, or visit a local bakery and pick up green cookies.

  • Team building activities

The time spent building your team relationships is time well spent. Think of making Irish-painted stones (Sham-Rocks), making a picture booth with the items of a dollar store or paper for the day. Patrick, or catch the hunt for office guards.

  • End the day with an instant happy hour:

Enjoy baking soda with some classic Irish drinks, then make a raw punch everyone can enjoy using a green sherbet and club soda or 7-up. Bottles up!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Office

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