Symbols of Easter

By | March 26, 2020

The Easter bunny distributing colorful eggs is one among the foremost popular symbols of Easter. There are quite number of reasons for a rabbit to be so closely related to what’s predominantly a Christian celebration.

The hare is an ancient Pagan symbol of fertility. Easter, the foremost important movable feast within the Christian calendar is in some ways a celebration of life, more specifically rebirth. The resurrection of Jesus has been, by many theorists, compared to the onset of spring. it’s not unnatural, as long as Easter is widely known all round the world around vernal equinox , when winter is leaving and life is blooming.The burrow of the rabbit signifies the tomb of Christ from which he rises, just like the bunny appears to frolic and lend to life again with the arrival of spring time.Again, the hare symbolizes the moon, which plays a central role in Easter. The date of Easter depends on the lunar cycle and is observed on the primary Sunday after the primary full-of-the-moon following the vernal equinox .Traditionally, during Easter, children wont to make nests for rabbits in hats or paper baskets and put them out for rabbits to seek out . Nests crammed with colorful eggs created an exquisite imagery which remains vibrant and lends to the spirit of Easter.It is also common for people to eat chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday as a neighborhood of the festivity.

Easter Eggs

Eggs have always been revered as a logo of life. Ancient cultures, like that of the Hindus, Persians, Egyptians and Phoenicians, believed that our world originated from an outsized egg. During spring time, most ancient cultures celebrated spring festivals by gifting and eating dyed eggs. Even in folklore, eggs are sacred.

Like most other symbols of Easter, decorated eggs decreased from pre-Christian traditions. it’s not difficult to know why though. Easter, the festival remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Christ, coincides with the vernal equinox , which is springtime in most parts of the planet . Also, resurrection or rebirth has got to primarily do with life.The Easter egg symbolizes the tomb of Jesus from where he arose, in new light and new life.Another possible reason for the egg to possess become such an integral a part of Easter are often connected to Lent. While observing Lent, many regions forbade the consumption of eggs. Since Easter succeeds Lent, eggs could well are considered to be a delicacy due to the prohibition.
Either way, Early Christians decided to incorporate eggs while celebrating Easter. Initially, eggs were presented at the church to be blessed and sprinkled with water . Later, eggs were decorated with gold foil and sent as gifts to the royalty . Gradually, people began to dye eggs in bright colors like red (to signify life and therefore the blood of Jesus) and even today, decorated Easter eggs remain an integral a part of Easter celebrations.
Easter egg hunt is another custom which involves children hiding away decorated Easter eggs inside Easter bunny nests for other children to hunt and find.

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