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Many (many) issues of school have already been extensively discussed. But in school, there are also teachers of this order, degree and teachers who continue to expend their presence and energy with their knowledge and passion in this difficult, laborious and wonderful world.

On World Teacher’s Day October 5, I proposed a selection of phrases, quotations and stories on teachers and teaching. Related articles include phrases, quotes, quotes and funny jokes, phrases, quotes and phrases about school and about school and about school and against school, and quotes on study and study, learning and arousal. And learning.

In teaching, you cannot see the fruit of a working day. It is invisible and remains so, perhaps for twenty years.

(Jacques Barzun)


A teacher takes you by the hand, touches your mind, opens your heart.



To teach is to touch a life forever



Perhaps it is this teaching: to make sure that the time of awakening strikes at each lesson.

(Daniel Pennac)


It is the supreme art of the teacher: to awaken the joy of creativity and knowledge.

(Albert Einstein)


Ideal teachers are those who offer themselves as bridges to knowledge and invite their students to use them to make the crossing; then, after crossing, they retire satisfied, encouraging them to build new bridges by themselves.

(Nikos Kazantzakis)


I am led to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are few, just like few great artists are.

In fact, teaching is – without perhaps – the greatest of the arts because the mediators are the human mind and spirit.

(John Steinbeck)


Teaching is leaving a trace of themselves in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures.

(Eugene P. Bertin)


Teaching creates all other professions.



Modern cynics and skeptics … see nothing wrong with giving those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a salary lower than that paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing.

(John F. Kennedy)


What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased.



The most difficult jobs by far are in order for the parent, the teacher and the psychologist.

(Sigmund Freud)


Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.

(Colleen Wilcox)


In a completely rational society, the best of us should aspire to become teachers and the rest of us should adapt to something less because transmitting civilization from one generation to the next should be the highest honor and the highest responsibility that anyone can ever have.

(Lee Iacocca)


The purpose for the new school year: that the educational dialogue is such, a comparison of voices, a choreography of minds, not a monologue.

(orporick, Twitter)


A teacher who tries to teach without inspiring the pupil’s desire to learn is hammering cold iron.

(Horace Mann)


A teacher strikes for eternity; you can never tell where its influence stops.

(Henry Brooks Adams)


I have never taught my students; I just tried to provide them with the conditions in which they can learn.

(Albert Einstein)


You don’t make many happy by running them before they learn to walk.

(John Fowles)


I like a teacher who gives you something to think about to take home in addition to the usual homework.

(Lily Tomlin)


The teacher is the person to whom a parent entrusts the most precious thing his child has: the brain. He entrusts it to him to transform it into a thinking object. But the teacher is also the person to whom the state entrusts its most precious thing: the collectivity of brains so that they become tomorrow’s country.

(Piero Angela)


If you teach, it also teaches you to doubt what you teach.

(José Ortega y Gasset)


The mediocre teacher says. The good teacher explains. The top teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

(William Arthur Ward)


If I don’t learn the way you teach, teach me the way I learn.



The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who pulls and pushes you and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes hitting you with a pointed stick called “truth”.

(Dan Rather)


A good teacher is like a candle – it is consumed to light the way for others.

(Turkish proverb)

He who is a school teacher can change the face of the world.

(Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz)


A good teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism.

(Louis A. Berman)


Good teachers are expensive, but bad teachers cost more.

(Bob Talbert)


A good teacher is one who progressively makes himself superfluous.

(Thomas Carruthers)


Good teaching is a fourth preparation and three-quarters theatre.

(Gail Godwin)


The best masters are the ones who tell you where to look, but they don’t tell you what to see.

(Alexandra K. Trenfor)


The most beautiful gift that can be given to a student is doubt.

(orporick, Twitter)


The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatize and inspires in his listener the desire to teach himself.

(Edward Bulwer-Lytton)


The purpose of a teacher is not to create students in his image, but to encourage students to create their own image.



Good teachers make us understand that there will always be stones along the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or milestones; it all depends on how we use them.



What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.

(Karl Menninger)


Teaching is not a lost art, but respect for this art is a lost tradition.

(Jacques Barzun)


Teaching should be full of ideas, rather than stuffed with notions.



The teacher who is truly wise does not offer to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

(Kahlil Gibran)

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