Top 10 Sad Quotes

By | April 1, 2020

01:  When you are happy, look deeper into your heart and you will find that the only thing that gives you happiness is that you enjoy it. When you look sad again in your heart, and you see that you are crying for him, this is your joy.

02: There is a drowrow, but there is a wall between the two gardens.

03: The solemn, the wise one is not happy.
04: There is no one happier than a young pessimist.
05: The sad truth is, that chance doesn’t hit twice.
06: A heavy heart, like heavy clouds in the sky, provides the best relief of low water shortages
07: Worry never spoils its misery, it is only the joy of today.
08: If it is not balanced by sadness, the word ‘happiness’ loses its meaning.
09: Make the most of your regrets; Never calm down your grief, but continue to do so until it has a specific and comprehensive interest. Deep regret means living anew.
10: I rarely think about my boundaries and they never hurt me. Perhaps at times, there is just anxiety; But it is not as clear as the air between the flowers.

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