Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Meal

By | February 25, 2021

The celebration of St. Patrick’s event took place around the world on March 17 and the fun and natural entertainment surrounded the delicious Irish food – not just beef and cabbage found everywhere. Start the festivities with a traditional breakfast, then opt for a selection of Irish specialty dishes and side dishes, and desserts. And of course, the drinks are orderly, but that doesn’t mean just beer! Delicious traditional St. Patrick’s day meal 2021 are

1: Start with a Full Irish Breakfast

St. Patrick can be – and often is – a long day full of celebrations. So, be sure to start with a good, delicious breakfast, which will see you all day, at least, until noon. This means you have to start the day with a full Irish breakfast if you want to follow the tradition.

Delicious Traditional St. Patrick's Day Meal Start with a Full Irish Breakfast

To be a real “full Irish”, you should include bacon, sausages, eggs, and Fadge (Irish potato bread), or the popular Boxty (Irish griddle cakes). You can also add a few slices of soda bread or whole wheat bread. Wash all this off with plenty of tea, and you’ll be set for the next day.

2: St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish food day

St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish food day – a celebration and a fun ride to fill the stomachs and maintain high energy levels. There is no incomplete list of recipes for basic courses other than these dishes. Although in the United States it is customary to eat beef with cabbage and cabbage, there are many other fine Irish dishes to choose from, including the famous Irish shepherd’s pie.

Delicious Traditional St. Patrick's Day Meal St. Patrick's Day is a traditional Irish food day

Try Dublin Coddle – a sliced dish containing bacon, pork sausage, and potatoes. Or an Irish national dish, an Irish stew, which is a comforting dish of lamb, potatoes, onions, leeks, and carrots. And we all know that a pint of Guinness is traditional on Patrick’s Day, but did you know you can cook with it? Beef and Guinness combines a delicious Irish beef stew with the country’s signature beer, baked under a soft crust.

3: Serve some Side Dishes and Snacks

All of those excellent courses require a side dish or two, and Ireland has another good one that contains the country’s largest crop: potatoes. You can keep it simple and serve well-cooked potatoes, or add a bit of Irish with the champ, taking the mashed potatoes to the next level with green onions. Or increase the flavor volume with colcannon, which includes leftover potatoes and fresh onions and sauteed.

Delicious Traditional St. Patrick's Day Meal Serve some Side Dishes and Snacks

Do you want snacks? You can’t beat the rarebit (fried cheese) to speed up but fill one. The Irish Guinness rarebit is soothing and rich, including country black ale and Cheddar cheese, mustard, egg yolk, and Worcestershire sauce. The delicious mixture is still spread on portions of thick bread and baked until it explodes.

4: Cap off the Dinner with cakes and cheese

There is always room for something fun on St. Barmbrack, an Irish fruit cake is one of Ireland’s most popular bakery products – the name comes from breac, which meaning is speckled, referring to the fruit of the bread. Baileys Irish Cream also has a way of getting into Irish cakes and puddings, such as the cold Baileys Irish Cream cakes, turning a dessert that is often children’s into an adult meal. Or Irish bread and butter – a good meal to use for the rest of the bread – but this is for adults only.

Delicious Traditional St. Patrick's Day Meal Cap off the Dinner with cakes and cheese

5: Don’t Forget Drinks

There will be no mention of Ireland, or Irish food and drink, except for the “pint of the Black Stuff” and the emerging Irish beer. Guinness is considered Ireland’s national beverage and is known worldwide.

Delicious Traditional St. Patrick's Day Meal Don't Forget Drinks

But there is more to Ireland than beer. A good drink for St. Patrick is the Mead, a sweet, fragrant honey wine made and enjoyed by Celtic tribes for centuries. And then, there is also Irish Whiskey. Or make a try your hand at creating a special St. John’s Day cocktail. They are bound to put you in a position to celebrate!

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