valentine day quiz questions

By | January 7, 2021

28 quiz on valentine day 14 Feb with answers

valentine day quiz questions

Therefore, you think you understand everything about Valentine’s Day, would you really?  Test your knowledge of the popular festival for this enjoyable and totally free thirty-question quiz.

The responses are written in italics beside every question.  Don’t hesitate to make this quiz to celebrations, youth or school classes, adult social classes, or even a nursing home activities application.  The quiz may be a part of a lesson about Western civilization or employed only for pleasure and diversion.  The decision is completely yours.

You are bound to learn something new with this quiz, that combines culture, history, and mythology.

  1. Who was the mythical Benedictine monk who invented champagne? Dom Perignon
  2. What has been Shakespeare’s most amorous drama? Romeo and Juliet.
  3. What type of flowers are given to signify love?   Red roses.
  4. What additional presents occasionally convey a bouquet of red roses?   Chocolates.
  5. What was created by Pope Gelasius in 500 AD, subsequently deleted by the Roman Calendar of Saints from Pope Paul Vl in 1969? St Valentine’s Day
  6. “Valentine” has been the title given to which sort of ancient Christian? Martyrs.
  7. What is Valentine’s Day? February 14th
  8. According to the Legenda Aurea, or The Golden Legend, a literary work composed by Jacobus de Voragine around 1260 AD, who wrote the very first Valentine’s message on the eve of his execution? St Valentine.
  9. Who did the literary St Valentine send his message?   The daughter of the jailer.
  10. What’d St Valentine supposedly done because of his jailer’s daughter?   Cured her blindness.
  11. What was that this literary St Valentine being implemented for?   Acting unions in secret, contrary to the wishes of their emperor. 
  12. In addition to being the unofficial patron saint of love, what job would be St Valentine also thought to be the patron of? Beekeepers.
  13. The British Museum holds a letter thought to be the earliest valentine still in existence. Who composed it?   Charles d’Orléans, captured by the English at Agincourt, then kept prisoner for its subsequent twenty-five decades.  He spent his time composing sorrowful poetry, such as the St. Valentine’s Day letter which clarifies his despair at being parted from his love. 

Further Valentine’s Day Quiz

  1. Now we associate love with the heart, but that was not necessarily the situation. In ancient times, which inner organ was thought to cause adore?   The liver.
  2. What was that? A part of carved whalebone or driftwood, which they would use to stiffen their corsets. 
  3. Which Roman god has been depicted as a chubby cherub using a bow and arrow, or as a handsome adolescent? Cupid.
  4. Which Roman goddess has been Cupid’s mother?   Venus.
  5. A poem named The Parliament of Fowls, which explains a man’s fantasy of Cupid coordinating his arrows at the Temple of Venus is generally considered to be the very first cultural connection between St Valentine and love. Who composed the poem?   Geoffrey Chaucer.
  6. In Japan, what exactly do girls give guys on Valentine’s Day?   Chocolates.
  7. What’s a Vinegar Valentine?   A spoof or humorous parody of an actual Valentine’s message.
  8. If you are fast to demonstrate your feelings, then where would you put on your heart? In your sleeve.
  9. Which Shakespeare play includes Valentine and Proteus?    The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
  10. What is the approximate date of the very first Valentine actually delivered? 1415.
  11. Who headed the Chicago gangsters supporting the St Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929? Al Capone.
  12. Which emblem does New York’s Empire State Building light on each Valentine’s Day?   A heart.
  13. Who played the title role in the movie Shirley Valentine?   Pauline Collins
  14. Which Scottish poet composed A Red, Red Rose? Robbie Burns. 
  15. What was the title of these small heart-shaped candies, manufactured by Swizzle, which had brief romantic messages printed on them? Love Hearts.

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