Valentine Day Singles Party Ideas 2021

By | January 18, 2021

Just because you don’t have anything special doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day! There are many great options for singles who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are just a few ideas for a romantic day party for single people:

valentine day singles party

  • Singles Mixer: Manage single mixer bash to get all your single friends mixing and mingling. Ask each guest to bring one or two friends. Most people meet some of their most important friends with friends so hosting a mix is ​​a great way to meet new people and introduce your friends to their love game they can have!
  • Sex & the Party: Host a Sex and the City party with this Valentine’s Day theme this year to celebrate celibacy and all the time you will spend with your girlfriends. At this party, you can have a TV contest for all your favorite episodes, play a SATC trivia game, or have everyone dress up as their favorite character and vote for who has the best outfit. Whatever you decide to do at your Sex & City Valentine’s Day party, don’t forget to serve everywhere!
  • Anti-Valentine’s Day Party: Hate flowers, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, sappy love songs, and everything else that goes with Valentine’s Day? Anti-Valentine Day party is the perfect theme for your party. When guests arrive, encourage them to bring up humorous tags to wear such as “Serial Dater,” “Homewrecker,” and “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” You can also create anti-valentine playlists with songs such as “I’ll Survive” and “Love Smells” to play after the party.

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