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By | August 20, 2021

7 Effective Ways To Make Weight Loss Ads Work Better In 2021

Want to face out amongst many weight reduction commercials? Is it simply spending loads of marketing and marketing finances to position weight reduction advertisements at will? Today we’re gaining knowledge of weight reduction advert strategies thru distinct facts analysis. First of all, we want to recognize the marketplace for weight reduction marketing and marketing.

weight loss advertisement ads

Obesity is an invisible fitness killer. With the development of dwelling requirements in cutting-edge society, human beings are paying an increasing number of interest to healthful dwellings, and the necessities for bodily health have become better and better. There are an increasing number of individuals who want to lose weight.

The weight reduction marketplace is huge. According to modern-day statistics, the worldwide weight problems populace has risen to 1.696 billion in 2020. 49% of human beings with inside the United States need to lose weight. Every day, the whole fee of weight reduction withinside the United States exceeds a hundred million.

There remains a wide marketplace for weight reduction. At the identical time, the opposition for weight reduction advertisements is fierce. With the improvement of excessive technology, a whole lot of weight reduction merchandise and strategies have emerged. How to efficaciously sell those strategies and allow extra customers receive us?

Here we introduce 6 powerful strategies to recognize from more than one angle to assist advertisers higher perform weight reduction advertisements.

1: Find an appropriate online platform for weight reduction advert:

There are many online systems that may be used for marketing and marketing, including worldwide serps like Google, and social hegemons like Facebook. Which platform is extra appropriate? I use BigSpy to research.

BigSpy is a multi-channel advert undercover agent tool. I looked for the keyword “weight reduction” on BigSpy and were given the subsequent results:

weight loss advertisement result


Facebook is the biggest social community platform, showing 32085 current advertisements associated with weight reduction on BigSpy. The innovative forms of commercials associated with weight reduction are in particular motion pictures and pics. Facebook has a whole lot of promoting strategies, and might appropriately discover customers and cowl them throughout systems. The placement of weight reduction advertisements on Facebook is the proper choice.


BigSpy suggests that Instagram is likewise a prime platform for weight reduction marketing and marketing. In the final three months, there had been extra than 7,000 weight reduction commercials on Instagram. Because Instagram and Facebook advertisements can use the identical marketing and marketing control system, we observed that the marketing and marketing substances of those systems are in part similar.


There had been 86 video advertisements associated with weight reduction on Youtube withinside the final three months. Youtube is a seek marketing and marketing platform, advertisers can region video advertisements below particular key phrases. Accurately acquire marketing and marketing, allow customers in want recognize the product.


On BigSpy, we noticed that there are 716 weight reduction-associated photograph commercials on Pinterest. Because Pinterest is a platform wherein ladies are the principle customers, the marketing and marketing creativity right here is extra biased toward ladies, and ladies pursue better frame control, so Pinterest is likewise A appropriate weight reduction advert platform.

Through an easy assessment of the above systems, we are able to locate that Facebook and Instagram are the maximum appropriate weight reduction advert systems, and they’re additionally extraordinarily aggressive advert systems. In addition to the above channels, we also can examine extra advert systems from BigSpy. After selecting the proper advert platform, we commenced supplying alluring marketing and marketing ideas.

2: Attractive weight reduction advert innovative:

Weight loss is especially strict a part of Facebook while accepting or rejecting advertisements. Fortunately, Facebook’s marketing and marketing guidelines make clear applicable and unacceptable content material.

When making Facebook advertisements, we need to first research the photograph necessities of Facebook for weight reduction advertisements. Facebook sincerely prohibits the usage of pics earlier than and after weight reduction. In addition, you couldn’t use unrealistic pics on Facebook to keep away from the incorrect notion of customers. Therefore, we must research top-notch marketing and marketing instances from the advert undercover agent tool.

Here, I observed 3 top-notch not unusual places marketing and marketing innovative kinds from BigSpy for absolutely each person to research.

Image advert format

Although there are more than one advert codecs on Facebook, pics are nevertheless the principle innovative type. The manufacturing of pics is easy, and pics can vividly specific and publicize the center price of the product. A lovely photo can speedy trap the eyes of customers. In addition, advertisers can use more than one pics to do A/B checking out to locate the quality marketing and marketing ideas. The photo creativity of weight reduction commercials is advantageous. Because the marketplace is complete of fake propaganda, commercials, in particular, make customers sense that the product is secure and dependable thru marketing and marketing content material, in order that customers can generate agree with and advantageous power.

Successful examples:

Trim Down Club affords a healthful recipe to assist customers to lose weight. The weight reduction approach it makes use of is secure and healthful, making extra customers accept as true that this recipe is a dependable manner to lose weight. This advert became released in December 2019 and acquired 26.2k likes after 124 days. It suggests to customers the principal meals withinside the recipe for weight reduction. It seems scrumptious and low-fats.

weight loss advertisement bigspy

Video advert format

There isn’t any marketing and marketing content material, that can galvanize customers extra than recording actual a successful weight reduction instances with motion pictures. Video can display extra info of marketing and marketing, and it is able to additionally provide customers deeper expertise of the emblem and merchandise, and a better conversion charge.

Successful examples:

On BigSpy, we noticed a video advert approximately weight reduction: Lei was an overweight patient, due to weight problems she had diabetes and coronary heart failure. Tormented through contamination, she taken into consideration going for weight reduction surgery, however the medical doctor advocated a low-fats vegetarian weight-reduction plan to her. Now she has succeeded in dropping weight thru meals, and her contamination has additionally improved.

weight loss advertisement video

There are only a few advertising commercials for this commercial. It is extra approximately introducing customers to weight reduction strategies. This commercial acquired 24.9k likes in 183 days.

3:  Weight loss advert reproduction:

Excellent and a successful marketing and marketing reproduction is the important thing to the conversion of weight reduction marketing and marketing customers. An exact reproduction can galvanize customers with commercials, generate emotional resonance, and acquire the motive of sales! The advert reproduction also can cowl the functions and practical makes use of of the product, in addition to its prolonged functions, emotional significance, etc.!

Learn the way to write marketing and marketing reproduction and enhance the conversion charge of weight reduction marketing and marketing. Here are the pointers for weight reduction marketing and marketing copywriting:

Meet the necessities

Facebook marketing and marketing necessities: Do now no longer consist of content material that suggests non-public attributes, including a person’s race, gender, scientific condition (bodily or mental), disability, etc. This manner that advertisers need to be innovative while writing advert reproduction to keep away from suggesting customers who’re dropping weight.


Encouraging weight reduction commercials are what customers like. Weight loss is a protracted and uninteresting process. Encouraging commercials can carry self assurance to customers.

In addition, you could additionally use exclamation marks and a few emojis to slender the gap among the advert and the consumer.

Popular science

Build your product right into an expert emblem to offer customers with extra expert guidelines. Using clinical strategies to offer affordable guidelines makes it simpler to benefit the agree with of customers.\


Title: 28 Day Low Carb Meal Plan

Body: Credible recommendation from an authorized dietitian

weight loss advertisement bigspy resport

If you continue to don’t recognize the way to write an appropriate marketing and marketing reproduction, you could come to BigSpy to research. BigSpy can offer you with top-notch advert reproduction case studies.

5: Weight loss advert target market:

The positioning of marketing and marketing audiences is vital to weight reduction marketing and marketing advertising, due to the fact correct audiences can immediately growth the ROI of marketing and marketing. There are many methods to goal audiences, however, the 3 primary strategies are:

Geographical focused on:

The scope of focused marketing and marketing is the premise of marketing and marketing focused on. Different merchandise has specific particular carrier areas, and it’s miles primary to set the marketing and marketing region of merchandise. Here, you could use BigSpy to test the international locations wherein your competitions are marketing and marketing.

weight loss advertisement announcement

Population statistics focused on:

The principal tags of populace attributes consist of age, gender, schooling level, earnings level, etc. Basic demographic statistics is the prerequisite for correct target target market positioning. Advertisers can acquire correct demographic positioning statistics through studying competitive’ audiences.

Behavior focused on:

Behavioral focused on is a completely vital focused on approach in show marketing and marketing. Its framework is to recognize consumer hobbies primarily based totally at the consumer’s historic go to behavior, for you to supply applicable commercials. Using hobby to goal audiences is an powerful manner to appropriately goal audiences. Although Facebook will propose a few standard weight reduction hobby words, it isn’t always correct enough. I use AdTargeting to locate extra hobby key phrases hidden through Facebook.

Through this Facebook hobby focused on tool, we are able to locate loads of key phrases associated with weight reduction. We want to categorise those key phrases after which goal audiences with specific hobbies.

I commonly divide hobbies into four categories:

General weight reduction hobby key phrases:

  • Weight Loss (Fitness & wellness)
  • Fitness Tips

Diet-associated weight reduction:

  • Low-carbohydrate weight-reduction plan
  • Low-fats weight-reduction plan

Exercise-associated weight reduction:

  • Sport & Fitness
  • Physical health

Competitor’s emblem:

  • Ben Greenfield Fitness

For extra target market focused on strategies associated with weight reduction, click: goal-health-target target market-on-facebook-advert

6: Weight loss advert touchdown web page:

Each channel marketing and marketing platform additionally has necessities for touchdown web page design. Therefore, while making touchdown pages, keep away from exaggerated marketing and marketing and advertising. Usually, the commercial touchdown web page hyperlink is ready to the internet site similar to the product. Most advertisers will set the touchdown web page hyperlink because the homepage of the internet site, that is definitely unreasonable. We have to set the internet site hyperlink because the product element web page or redecorate a product marketing and marketing touchdown web page for the product. BigSpy can display the innovative hyperlink of every commercial touchdown web page, and you could use BigSpy to view extra touchdown web page designs.

weight loss advertisement landing page

7: Weight loss advert costs:

Advertising bids and budgets immediately have an effect on marketing and marketing exposure. If you need to appropriately hold close Facebook marketing and marketing bids, you need to gather applicable fee statistics in lots of methods, and extract vital statistics for key analysis.

weight loss advertisement cost

I commonly use Adcostly to research the bidding techniques of weight reduction advertisements in specific intervals and specific international locations. For example, the CPM bids withinside the United States withinside the final 30 days display a fashion of first growing after which decreasing. According to the general fashion, the CPM bid for weight reduction advertisements have to be lowered.

Then the use of ADCostly’s Audience function, we are able to see that the target market for weight reduction advertisements could be very large, approximately 232.35M, the CPM of this hobby is $9.87, and the CPC is $0.34. The pinnacle 5 international locations for this hobby are the United States, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The Facebook advertisements fee of every us of a is proven in element.

weight loss advertisement costly

The above are 6 powerful methods to assist advertisers enhance the effectiveness of weight reduction marketing and marketing in 2020. This approach analyzes the optimization strategies of weight reduction marketing and marketing from 6 aspects: marketing and marketing channels, creativity, copywriting, target target market, touchdown pages, and costs. At the identical time, the use of green advert gear can assist us acquire the most advantages of marketing and marketing faster.

In addition to weight reduction commercials, BigSpy additionally affords a reference for extra festive commercials, including Christmas advert.

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