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By | October 10, 2020

Turn Halloween security into entertainment during your holiday. Start with these functional Halloween safety tips.

Kids love Halloween because of their costumes and behavior. But the holiday also brings real security risks. Kids can hit the car twice a day on Halloween as it is on some other nights of the year. Burns and cut are also religious on Halloween, and then trouble with candy. Halloween can be enjoyed with care – especially when parents pay attention to planning and supervision. Follow these tips to keep your family safe.

(Safe Mode)

Before decorating your pumpkin, imagine these safety rules:

: Consider carved options.
Decorate with artwork, glitter glue or paint. Allow small children to draw faces on pumpkins with art supplies. Leave carving for adults.

: Use candles carefully.
Place the candle light pumpkin in a strong shallow place away from curtains and other flammable objects. Never leave a candle pumpkin. Even better, there are no lighted pumpkins with flashlights, battery-powered incandescent candles or glowing sticks.

(Be smart with clothing)
Choosing costumes is an important part of Halloween safety. Follow these instructions:

: The brighter the better.
Choose bright colors and flame retardant materials. If your child is outside after dark, attach reflective tape to his clothing or treat the bag.

: Give the correct size.
If it’s cold outside, your baby’s clothing is definitely loose enough to be worn underneath, and can be worn underneath – but the reason for dangling is not long. Avoid large shoes and high hounds.

: Ignore the mask.
The mask can block your child’s vision, especially if it slips accidentally. Use nontoxic makeup instead.

: Range of goods.
Suggested Evidence – Scepter, Sword and Sword pose a security threat.

(Treatment with Trick or Care)
Reapply these safety rules before your child begins maneuvering or treatment:

: Have fun
At the age of destruction or treatment 12. Keep a piece of paper with your child’s name, address and phone number in your child’s pocket so that you can be separated. Encourage older children to cheat or treat friends, parents, or older friends. Make sure someone in the group has a flashlight with a new battery.

: Set the Ground Rules.
If your child is cheating on you, plan ahead and impose curfews. Review safety regulations such as being with a group, walking only on the sidewalk, only reaching homes with specific lights, and going inside the house or car for treatment. Is your child taking a cell phone?

: Note the remedies before pleasure.
Do not give your child a snack patch or he / she will cheat or behave. Encourage your child for an early meal before going out and analyze the behavior before feeding your child. Anything not sealed is discarded, the packaging is torn or appears to be the talk of the town. If you have preterm children, avoid gum, peanuts, hard candies and some other suff suffocation risks. If your child has food allergies, carefully check the candy recording label.

: Exploitation ration.
If your child collects goodness, think about picking up a few pieces at once. Some candy for a toy, book or picnic – or all – you can ask if your child wants to change into something else.

(Be safe and sweet in front of the house)
Ready for Trick-or-Treaters:

: Hygiene.
Keep tripping hazards out of garden pipes, toys and bikes. Wet leaves, snow or some other debris separated from the pavement.

: Turn on the lights.
Recreate the light bulbs to insure visibility on the sidewalk and front door.

: Control your pets.
Do not take anything inadvertently that your pet may be frightened and become righteous or bite the child at your door.

: Contraceptive sugar substitutes.
Instead of giving sweets, try stickers, fun pencils, gummy bears or colored chalk.

If trick-or-treating is not right for your child, plan a candy swap opportunity with friends or neighbors. You may have a dining-free clothing contest and a game and prize scheme. Or check out local schools or community centers for other options. And if you are driving on Halloween, watch the kids crossing the street.

Be especially careful not to enter or leave driveways and areas. Extra care can help ensure the safety of Halloween for everyone

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