World Hello Day 21 November 2020

By | November 5, 2020

World Hello Day is an annual secular holiday to express that disputes can be settled by communication rather than the use of intimidation, celebrated on November 21 every year. As an expression of the value of personal contact in maintaining harmony, participants orally welcome ten individuals or more on that day.

World Hello Day is a holiday celebrated globally by more than 180 countries and aims not only to make people aware of the need for greater connectivity to sow the seeds of peace, but also to cross the cultural gaps between people of all nationalities. Since 1973, it has been celebrated every year on November 21 and is celebrated by large numbers of people worldwide.



It may sound incredibly simplistic to World Hello Day, as it allows us to take the opportunity to simply welcome individuals and to realize how important easy contact is in our everyday lives. However, the tale of how it came to be is a lengthy and fascinating one.



In 1973, World Hello Day was first developed to show people, especially the people of the Middle East, that problems can and should be settled through communication rather than action. The premise is that simple, frank contact promotes unity. The dispute between Egypt and Israel was very serious in the 1970s, and many people started to fear that another enormous war would come to an end.

In reality, World Hello Day was established as a direct reaction to the Yom Kippur War, which had just ended in October 1973, killing thousands of soldiers as well as innocent civilians. There were also several soldiers who were tortured and flatly executed.

At the conclusion of the conflict, the peace debate was the first time Arab and Israeli leaders convened in 25 years for open public dialogue. Brian McCormack, a Ph.D., developed the idea of World Hello Day. An Arizona State University alum, and Michael McCormack, a Harvard graduate. World Hello Day has been celebrated in 180 countries over the past 42 years since its formation, as citizens of each of these countries take advantage of this opportunity to voice their concerns for world peace.

Thirty-one Nobel Peace Prize winners have declared that World Hello Day is of significant and importance as an instrument for the restoration of peace and as an opportunity to contribute to the peace-building process for everyone in the world, person, organization or government.




‘Greet 10 people for unity’ is the theme of this day. Participation in World Hello Day is very easy to do. Simply, say hi to today’s residents. And, express your concern for peace in the world. In order to achieve peace and understanding, the theme and aim of the World Hello Day is simple: to facilitate contact and dialogue between people of various backgrounds. For co-workers, colleagues, and family members, do not only reserve this term.

You should say hello to strangers as well. Maybe you’ll be sharing an elevator or shopping at the grocery store in the same aisle. Keep note on how many people tell it back by saying hi. Also, when you say hi, strive to calculate how they do. Pleasantly shocked, are they? Saying hello could help you even meet a new friend. If in a long time you have not spoken to anyone, text or call with a quick hello. It could just help put the partnership to stability.



Global Hello Day is targeted at fostering world peace. It’s pretty easy to engage in World Hello Day: All you have to do is say hello to at least 10 people on that day. This is intended to give everyone a message of openness and peace, and the founders of the holiday hoped that this simple act alone would illustrate how dialogue can be instrumental in dispute settlement and conflict avoidance.

You should still think of a person in your life who is valuable to you if you want to take something a step further, but who you have fallen out with over something that might not be completely worth it. Time seems to be a fantastic healer, but if you have had enough time to examine the problem and all its facets, seeing your own flaws and misdeeds as well as those of the other side, maybe it’s time to put the confrontation behind you?

Many people may not realize how wonderful it truly feels to admit that you were mistaken and say sorry, so they interpret such actions as a sign of vulnerability, when it is really a display of strength and trust. People very sometimes make the error of assuming that if you apologies to them, the other person will lose respect for you, and this, too, is false.

Many people would admire you more for being able to accept you were mistaken than if, after being proved incorrect, you continue to stubbornly cling on to your views. At first, it might seem a little overwhelming, but if the person you’ve struggled with is important enough to you, it will always be worth the struggle to take the first step and, as a sign of goodwill, offer your hand to them.




The ritual of saying ‘hello’ to relatives, family and acquaintances is the only true tradition synonymous with World Hello Day. People who want to celebrate this holiday should take the time, particularly strangers, to say hello to at least 10 people they meet during the day. In a few different languages, individuals can also take the time to learn how to say hello and then bring it into effect later during the day.



  • One of the first things a baby says is always Hello.
  • The first to say hello upon receiving a phone call was Thomas Edison.
  • It is assumed that Hello comes from the word hail, which dates back to the Middle Ages.
  • Hello is synonymous with other words meaning fitness.
  • In the 1800s, the term was first used but was used to express surprise.
  • In other languages, Hola, Bonjour, Guten tag, Ciao, Namaste, Salaam, Ohayo, Jambo, and Nay hoh are all means of saying hello




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