world kindness day 2020

By | November 1, 2020

World Day is celebrated on November 13 every year. On this day, participants try to celebrate and promote good deeds and take kind actions as individuals or organizations to make the world a better place.

World Mercy Day was first launched by the World Mercy Movement in 1998, and the 1997 Tokyo Conference established similar-minded charities around the world. The World Mercy Movement currently has more than 28 countries affiliated with any religion or political movement. The World Mercy Movement and World Mercy Day aim to build a world of eunuchs by inspiring individuals and nations toward greater kindness.

world kindness day 2020

In the UK, Kindness UK is managed by Kindness UK, a non-profit organization. Day of Mercy UK was launched on 13 November 2010 and continues to grow every year in individuals, schools, charities, organizations and businesses.

Anyone who wants to participate in World Mercy Day or Mercy UK Day can pledge a good deed and also find a range of resources in Mercy UK including ideas of random acts of kindness for both big and small.

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