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Symbols of Easter

The Easter bunny distributing colorful eggs is one among the foremost popular symbols of Easter. There are quite number of reasons for a rabbit to be so closely related to what’s predominantly a Christian celebration. The hare is an ancient Pagan symbol of fertility. Easter, the foremost important movable feast within the Christian calendar is […]

Fasting day of Easter

Christianity observes Good Friday and Ash Wednesday as obligatory days of fasting and self-restraint. Especially, for Catholics, Fridays during Lent phase are obligatory time of abstinence. the principles for fasting within the Latin Catholic Church are obligatory from the age of 18 until till 59 years. During the great Friday fast, you’ll consume one full […]

Good Friday Quotes

Good Friday is that the auspicious day when Jesus , the lord of Christians has taken the holy abode to heaven. This year on 12th April 2020, Christian followers across the world are going to be celebrating Good Friday with full zeal. Thus for the Christians, the day of excellent Friday is all again a […]

Good Friday in Mexico

Good, or “Pascua”, because it is named in Mexico, is one among the foremost widely celebrated and important religious holidays of the year. On lately , Christians round the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after crucifixion. Though major Easter customs and traditions remain an equivalent throughout the planet , there are variations of celebrations […]

Good Friday in Ireland 2020

Great Friday in Ireland is one of the most significant strict days for Irish individuals of Christian confidence. The day is seen by around 4 million Christians in Ireland, on which everybody recalls when Jesus experienced treacherous preliminaries and condemned to torturous killing. Great Friday in Ireland is additionally called: Holy Friday Ireland, Black Friday […]