Push Button Phone Day 18 Nov 2020

By | November 5, 2020

The Push Button Phone Day may be a fun holiday celebrated on November 18. The day is marked by us to celebrate the start of the push-button phone.


Almost all folks own a mobile during this digital era. Numerous advanced developments are taken place since the launch of the phone to the now existing smartphones. The push-button phone was the primary phone to be the superior alternatives to rotary dial phones.


The push-button phone has electronic buttons or keys for dialling a phone number. It’s undergone several improvements to offer us a sensible phone crammed with different apps. It had been one among the critical devices until new smartphones called at the market by developing technology.


Push Button Phone Day celebrates the official introduction of the Push Button Phone to the general public use. 


History of Push Button Phone Day


The history, origin, and therefore the founding father of the Push Button Phone Day aren’t known precisely. There’s no honourable mention about the year from which today has been celebrated. However, the founding father of the day has created this Celebration Day on mark the anniversary of the introduction of the push button phones by the Bell Systems within us. The push phones were first introduced on November 18, 1963, to the purchasers in some areas of Pennsylvania. Henry Dreyfuss had designed it. The concept of the utilization of the push-buttons in telephony had originated around 1887 with a micro-telephone push-button. The rotary dial phones are replaced by the push phones and are considered to be the striking alternative of rotary dial phones. The push-button phones have the buttons to dial numbers, and it lets the dialer hook up with another telephone user. There was no * and # buttons available initially within the push phone. It had been later introduced within the year 1968 with the Model 2500.


Celebration of Push Button Phone Day


Celebrating the push button Phone Day is simple. Get to understand more about the push Phone, its history, alongside the developments that have taken place till date. If you’ve got a push-button Phone in your home which you’ve got kept within the cupboard, then consider today as a chance to showcase it to your family and friends. you’ll even use it if you’ve got got a landline connection. Share your antique telephone pictures on social media using the hashtag.


Benefits of Push Button Phones


  • It’s tons faster to dial variety by pushing buttons. With a rotary dial, you had to stay your finger within the right hole then rotate the dial all the way around to the dial-stop. It took tons longer for 9s and 0s to urge the dial ALL THE WAY AROUND – yikes! – that it took for 1s and 2s. So if someone had a telephone number with tons of 9s and 0s, you’d almost instead change friends than undergo all that effort to dial that number!


  • Along with the push-buttons, we now had “Touch-Tone” phones with a specific tone is related to each button. So then we could do all kinds of data entry using our keypads: you recognize, the entire “Dial one for Spanish language” thing, the whole “Enter your account number, followed by a pound sign” thing.


A lot of recent phones now use the flat-touch-screen system that only shows an image of push buttons for us to press! And therefore the beat goes on.


Push Button Phone Day Messages


  • We, the people, usually celebrate many days, and if the Push Button Phone Day must be celebrated, we all at once should take the initiative to celebrate it.


  • Push Button Phones wont to accompany dialed buttons during which we’d like to dial the numbers and call others and again press button to receive, cut the calls.


  • Push Button Phones were first within the market within the areas of Pennsylvania. it had been a fantasy then, and still now, therefore the Push Button Phone Day is marked and commemorated.


  • The Push Button Phone was introduced on November 18, 1963, then the us decided to celebrate the jubilee of the push-button phone by Bell Systems on an equivalent day.


  • We can tell our close friends and relations to use the push-button phone and every one together can learn new tricks of using, as making the celebration of the Push Button Phone Day.


  • The history of the push-button phone day remains unknown to several because we are involved in using smart phones, so on the Push Button Phone Day, we should always provides a little effort to gaining knowledge.




Push Button Phone Day Quotes


  • I thought the invention of mobile was to save lots of our time & money, be we do precisely the opposite. ― Srinivas Shenoy.


  • There was a time when nails were high-tech. There was a time when people had to be told the way to use a telephone. Technology is simply a tool. People use tools to enhance their lives. – Tom Clancy.


We have to recollect our history and check out to know its impact on our daily lives. Many thanks for reading the post.

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