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By | April 1, 2020

A lot of things come from powerful Canada, but not as horribly as many lettermen. From the seventh season this year, Letterkenny delivers more quick wit and excellent punch lines. In fact, the works are improving as the show grows, so it’s still one of my favorites.

Now, not everyone is familiar with Canadian conversations, but after one or two episodes, you become a true supporter. If you have never seen Letterkenny, you will be given the best Letterkenny Quotes for landing on Canadian dishonest comedy TV.

24 Best Letterkenny Quotes

# 1. “Oh, come on, cat.” I didn’t tell anyone. ”- Wayne

# 2. “Well, there’s nothing better than a fart. Except the kids get on the bike, maybe. Worst. I could see the kids getting on the bike all day. I wouldn’t say anything about your children.” – Wayne

# 3. Come on “Pitter-Protector, ‘Er.” – Everyone

# 4. “We only got one shot on it. One chance. A win. You know? Your mother vomited on spaghetti, or whatever the singer was saying.” – Train box

# 5. “If I was Dr. Seuss’s book, I’d be The Fat in the Hot.” – Katy

# 6. “On Christmas Day, Tim, McDonald’s and the beer shop are closed and your whole world is out there.” – Wayne

# 7. “Here’s the poem Starlight, Star Bright. Why did you get earrings? Your lobes aren’t the only ones that pierced them.” – Wayne

# 8. “It’s a hard life to pick up rocks and pullin ‘teats, but like God’s sandals, it defeats the Fightin’ Friends with precious sidewalks.” – Wayne

# 9. “I wish you weren’t so strange, bud.” – Wayne

Quotes to include Letterkenny in your daily life

# 10. “Banquet Duck with Weed?” – Wayne

# 1 1. “All you need is a Pied Piper for possession. But that’s not the case, so you need to get away with .22 with .22.” – Wayne

# 12. “Oh I’m breaking. I put that idea through the fucking windshield.” – Katy

# 13. “Have you seen ‘Con Havin’ Sex with a Barn Cat on Your Truck? What’s the nature of that David Suzuki, fuck it.” – Wayne

# 14. “Jones: We need a backup, boys.

Wayne: Hard no.

Reilly: Oh, well, where’s your jam, Bud?

Wayne: Not my pig, not my farm.

Jones: Where’s the sacrifice?

Wayne: Oh, come down from the cross, we need timber. “

# 15. “You know your boat came with money when he started throwing good pistachios. The rest of them were open with box cutters.” – Daryl

# 16. “You locked your toe in the hot tub” because you heard sperm survive there and you gave the teenage mutant ninja turtles enough time to figure out how this story ends. ”- Wayne

# 17. “Squirly Dawn: You’re so good at wrestling, Katy. I appreciate you.”

Katy: What do you appreciate about me?

Wayne: Dawn of Squarley, let’s look at it lightly.

Squirley Dan: Yeah. Oh hey look at you, Earth

# 18. “You can’t get tired of fuckin ‘up the hill.” – Wayne

# 19. “If you have a problem with a serious Canadian goose, you have a problem with me. I suggest you take it by surprise. – Wayne

# 20. “Fuck You Jones! Your mother liked my Instagram post from Puerto Vallarta 2 years ago. Tell her I’ve always kept my swimming trunks for her.” – Reilly

# 21. “It’s definitely a one-time event and it’s not a tradition for some makeup holidays. I can’t answer cats. I’m out. Call me my name.” – Wayne

Lettercanny quotes that make perfect colorful insults

# 22. “What’s up with your body hair, you shoot big?” You are like a 12 year old Dutch girl. ”- Wayne

# 23. “You’re picking up spare parts, aren’t you a bud?” – Wayne

# 24. “Well, I’m saying you pull your balls, but yer pants look like they’re doing this again.” – Wayne

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